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  • Microsoft’s speech recognition system hits a new accuracy milestone August 21, 2017
     Microsoft announced today that its conversational speech recognition system has reached a 5.1% error rate, its lowest so far. This surpasses the 5.9% error rate reached last year by a group of researchers from Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research and puts its accuracy on par with professional human transcribers who have advantages like the ability to […]
    Catherine Shu
  • Beyond Amazon and Alibaba: what’s next for e-commerce? August 21, 2017
    Even with advantages, can startups truly outsmart Alibaba and Amazon? The answer is yes, and the reason is the massive amount of growth that remains to be realized in e-commerce. Amazon and Alibaba may be gobbling up the lion’s share of the two markets, but e-commerce still amounts to just 8% and 16% of the total ~$9 […]
    Hans Tung
  • For its latest trick, watch this Tesla Model X smoke a Lamborghini supercar August 21, 2017
     The “Ludicrous” Teslas are ludicrous indeed. And this video posted to YouTube by DragTimes is just the latest in a series of evidentiary exhibits that proves it. In the video, a Tesla Model X P100D crossover SUV is pitted against a $530,000 Lamborghini Aventador. Spoiler alert: the Tesla beats it by .05 of a second, […]
    Jonathan Shieber
  • Yesterday’s “plastics” are today’s crypto tokens August 20, 2017
     What “The Graduate” can teach about today’s cryptocurrencies Read More
    Chris McCoy
  • Microsoft kicks off Xbox One X pre-orders today with a limited ‘Project Scorpio’ edition August 20, 2017
     Microsoft just pulled the trigger on Xbox One X pre-orders, offering up the souped up version of its console for $499. Unveiled back at E3 in June after a year’s worth of teasers, the latest Xbox One features more memory and improved processing designed for 4K playback. The company is also using its platform at […]
    Brian Heater