Our Big Idea

Poverty, Slavery, Human Trafficking, and the Caste System condemn Dalit children to a life of suffering and misery.

Supplying high quality education to DALIT children can fix this.

Help end human trafficking by building schools in India. Together we can save lives.

Our Mission Statement

Not Today Coalition is a Christian organization working to prevent exploitation of poor children and women in India by transforming lives through education opportunities, and bringing restoration to victims of sex trafficking and slavery.

Who We Are

We are a volunteer run California Public Benefit Corporation with an independent board of director.
We are a 501(C)3 tax exempt organization.
Our address:

How We Implement Our Big Idea

For generations, 300 MILLION DALITS have been taught that they are worthless, less-than-human. Excluded from the society, they have no access to education or justice. They are used, cheated, and abused by others freely. They are given no protection by law enforcement; no access to the courts; no political voice; no hope of upward mobility. With no resources and no hope, many Dalit women and children are potential victims of the thriving human-trafficking industry.

Our Fundamental Purpose Is To Build Schools

We serve the most oppressed people group in the world. 300 million DALITS are entrenched in societal POVERTY that leaves them subject to BONDED SLAVERY and HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

The Way Out Is Through Education

We are NOT another literacy program. NTC schools are English-medium primary schools educating students beginning with preschool through high school.

What We Do!

We offer HOPE! With a track record of performance. We are part of developing over 100 schools. NTC offers a time tested and trustworthy opportunity for individuals and groups to engage in the largest fight against Human Trafficking in history.